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South African artist Ric Shields conceived this project after the turn of the millennium following a lengthy battle with ADHD and depression. He sought a way to contain this dark energy, to give it form, and music became the receptacle.

Upon joining Cape Town Alt-Metal band Last One Alive in 2015, he was given the chance to cut his teeth on-stage. The next three years were prosperous for the band, and Ric underwent a formidable period of technical and interpersonal development. He also decided to pick up the bass and join Cape Town Metalcore group Atlantic South. Both bands gave him the opportunity to play some incredible shows alongside some impressive local and international artists, and helped him gain insight into the hectic administrative side of belonging to a band.

After the devastating onslaught of COVID-19, Ric made the decision to revisit the 20-year-old song boneyard, and after months of toil, had a finished début album. It was named ‘Hindsight’, and released at the close of 2020 on all major platforms. The following year Ric performed on the Metal4Africa SummerFest lineup, and was later awarded Best Newcomer at the South African Metal Music Awards.

Now, as the pandemic subsides, Sundergeist emerges into the outside world, seeking to bind those who are willing to listen through catharsis and the communion of our shared experiences of life. The next step will be to get the full band ensemble together and perform the début live show.

Listen to the new single, ‘What If‘, available now on all major streaming platforms…